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Steve Beall, Ted Schneider, John Decker, David Dubov, and Andy Brownstein in Conor McPherson's The Seafarer (2010, Quotidian Theatre Company, directed by Jack Sbarbori)

About Quotidian Theatre Company

Quotidian Theatre Company is the Resident Theatre Company at The Writer's Center in Bethesda, MD. QTC produces plays that seek to find the beautiful in the everyday.
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2 Responses to Join our mailing list | Quotidian Theatre Company

  1. Ronald Stade says:

    notify me

    • Jesper Wokander says:

      Dear Sir,

      I am contacting You in relation to a case of identity theft and harassment. During the last few years a person has claimed to be professor Ronald Stade at Malmo university and essentially ordered things in his name. We have a fairly good idea of the identity of this person but we are unsure of his current location. During the last few days he has been adding professor Stade to about 50 mailing lists per day and also ordering goods in his name. The matter is reported to the Swedish police and an investigation is underway. The text below is from one of these occasions and regards Your services. My question to You is what information is available from Your system I connection with the message below? IP address? Time stamps?

      Sincerely Yours, Jesper Wokander (CISO and Data Protection Officer at Malmo university) ________________________________________

      Begin forwarded message:

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