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Set in the small fictional town of Lenoraville, Alabama, Maytag Virgin tells the story of recently widowed Elizabeth Nash and her new next door neighbor, Jack Key. Lizzy grieves outwardly over the recent death of her husband, but her inner world is filled with deep regret and secret longing. Jack’s life, with its own tragic underpinnings, is one of loneliness and solitary contemplation. He is an observer and he sees something in Lizzy that he cannot ignore, something at once achingly alive and profoundly unmovable. Maytag Virgin attempts to explore the bridge between loss and redemption, between enlightened selfawareness and reckless apathy. When the only lasting change comes from total reclamation, what must we jettison to stay afloat? Whom must we hurt… and how much? What was built must be leveled. What seems lost is not. Who we were, we are no longer. Every one of us is broken. And every one of us can be whole again.

MAYTAG VIRGIN: It’s All About the Journey

By Will Hardy, who plays Jack Key For me Maytag Virgin began last fall with a call from playwright Audrey Cefaly. She was looking for actors to read a draft so she could hear the words out loud and work out where … Continue reading

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MAYTAG VIRGIN: The Making of a Southern Love Story

Evolution from Monologue to Full-Length Play by Audrey Cefaly Genesis My play MAYTAG VIRGIN first appeared on the stage at Atlas Performing Arts Center’s annual Intersections Festival back in 2012, in the form of 10 minute monologue. Gwydion Suilebhan had asked me … Continue reading

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